Klevr furniture items are produced right here in the USA in Fort Worth, Texas.

We use plywood from a few sources, including domestically manufactured birch plywood and imported birch plywood from 100% sustainable Finnish plywood sources. We design, engineer, cut and package the furniture items here in Fort Worth.

All Klevr furniture items consist of individual plywood panels that slot together and lock to form a sturdy finished product. These individual panels are cut on a CNC router (computer numerical control) to very precise dimensions, allowing them to fit together perfectly.

And because the material comes finished with either a UV finish or a factory-applied film on both sides, there is no additional painting or finishing involved, so we don't produce any harmful vapors from paints or chemicals. In addition, this means that there is no off-gassing from chemical finishes when you bring the furniture into your home.

We round the edge of every panel with a 1/8" round-over to make the edges safe for kids and comfortable for adults. This prevents cuts and scrapes when kids bump into one of our tables, and it makes it easier on your wrists when you're working at one of our tables or desks for an extended period of time.

We basically make every item to order, but we may stock a few of each item to make the daily workflow a little easier. Depending on our workload, we can usually produce orders the following business day so you won't have to wait but a day or two for your items to ship.