Lego Storage Table & Storage Coffee Table - PDF Instructions
Lego Storage Table with Shelf & Storage Coffee Table with Shelf - PDF Instructions
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All Klevr items assemble without tools or hardware in only a couple of minutes. And after you've assembled an item once, you can probably time your next assembly in seconds. It literally takes longer to unbox the parts and sort them out than it does to assemble the panels once you're familiar with an item.

At Klevr, we don't believe in small parts that are easy to lose, like little locking pieces that some other tool-free designs require. All of the panels in a Klevr item are large and hard to misplace. That's part of what makes our patented assemblies unique. It means that when you disassemble your furniture during a move or to store it for a while, you're a lot less likely to misplace a piece that you can't find later. Or, if you or your children take a piece of furniture to school for the semester, you're a lot less likely to lose a piece and render an item useless when it's brought back home.

We also don't believe in joints that require a friction fit to hold them together, again like some other tool-free designs. Klevr uses a patented tab and slot assembly that has joints that are easy to engage, yet the entire assembly still locks together into a sturdy item. It's yet another feature that makes our patented assemblies unique.

Competitor's joints that require friction to stay together can both be more difficult to assemble and can loosen or tighten over time as the material shrinks or swells from humidity or as the joints wear out from rubbing and friction. possibly causing your piece to either not be able to be disassembled or to actually loosen up over time. Klevr Furniture doesn't do this. Klevr items will go together the thousandth time as easy as the first.

With the friction bit said, Klevr Furniture items do have some flexure designed into them in some places. Some of the items like the Lego and Coffee tables use a novel "bump" that snaps into a slot during assembly to keep a panel from backing out and coming loose. These flexures help lock the furniture items together without the need for small easily-lost locking pieces, and they keep the furniture from getting wobbly over time.

Don't think that tool-free assembly is only useful once right after you've bought it. Ever moved and tried to carry a piece of assembled furniture up a flight of stairs into a flat, only to have more trouble getting it through some doorway? Or have you disassembled a piece of flat-pack furniture only to strip out the screws when trying to put it back together? Klevr Furniture lets you easily disassemble it and move a piece at a time, even making it easier to carry home from school in the trunk of a car.