We've been working on a collaborative project for the past few months... A clean-slate design for a table that's engineered specifically for co-working spaces where power users come to collaborate and work together. The result is the WELD Table.

Marker board desktops. Built-in retractable cables for MacBook charging and iPhone/iPad Lighting cable charging. Plus a built-in power strip with sixteen 110v outlets on top between the desktops. And all powered by a single 20A cord to a floor or wall outlet.

There's room for four people to work with tons of elbow room, plus there's room for four clients to pull up chairs to review projects. Brainstorm on the dry-erase table tops with pens stored conveniently within reach between the tops. 

We currently have seven tables installed in WELD Nashville (soon to be ten) and one at coLAB in Fort Worth. Call or email and come see one for yourself.