We accept returns, but we take them as a sign that either we did something wrong or the shipper didn't treat your packages nicely. If it's our fault in any way, please don't hesitate to tell us what's wrong. We can only improve things if you share your story and opinions with us.

Now, should your product have incurred some damage during shipping, the item may still be perfectly useable because of the way we pack the panels inside the boxes. When the product design allows, we pack the most visible panels so that they are best protected and we pack the least visible panel surfaces near the faces of the box. This way, should you get a box that has minor damage to it and a panel has a scratch or gouge in it, you would likely have the option of simply reversing the panel so that you can't see the imperfection instead of returning the item or requesting a replacement panel. However, this is your choice and we'll be glad to send a replacement panel if you choose.

So after unpacking your product, please keep your box and foam packing sheets in the event that you have to send a piece of furniture back to us. The box is tough double-walled cardboard and it should easily survive two shipments, the one to you and the one back to us. Plus, it's a nice enough box that you can probably use it for under-the-bed storage or to build a play fort for the kids.

When re-packing an item, please follow the suggestions below:

  1. Place one of the cardboard slip sheets at the bottom of the box. The slip sheet helps prevent damage from something poking through the flat face of the box during shipment.
  2. Separate each layer of wood with a sheet of foam
  3. Place the second cardboard slip sheet on the top of the stacked panels.
  4. Please tape the box shut securely with heavy packaging tape so that it won't open up during transit. We don't care how ugly the box looks because we won't use it again.